Book 4. Day 150: New Sales Simplified

In sales, are you a “yes sir”
A follower?

Easy being safe to follow the crowd and the rules?

Or risk breaking out the mold, but also connect with customers?

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

This is a summary of what Mike appears to be a great example:

He selected 4 professionals to remodel his kitchen, all 3 came with similar approaches.

Bought nice binders, brochures and recommendations from customers.

But Their “pitch” were all alike…

Came in the 4th guy…

No brochures!

Went to the kitchen and then oddly points to a far wall.

He runs out to his truck and comes back with a little saw

Just before cutting and without permission he was assured that the kitchen is to be remodeled.

He cuts a hole big enough to insert his mirror and flashlight.

Then sat down and asked: “What is your vision for this room?”

Mike’s wife shared the vision – “island with stools and the children being there eating”

The 4th guy won the business!

Slam dunk!

The boldness and sales ability won him and set him apart…

By sales law, an initial meeting shall never be a presentation.


If you don’t get you a chance to probe?

Turn that initial meeting into discovery…