Book 4. Day 151: New Sales Simplified

No one defaults to prospecting…
No one!

Even the best salespeople get call reluctance!

All of us have a lot of responsibilities…

Down to:

-Sales meetings
-One on one with managers
-Questions and Interruptions from productions
-Out of control customer service

And the other side of life:

-hot stock tips
-professional team getting into post seasons
-aging parents
-Obsession with news

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

In reality…

We don’t find ourselves free for 30 minutes to begin our sales attack looking for prospects..

Most of us find ourselves doing alternating between being a MASTER APOLOGIZER to the customer or A CHIEF BEGGAR in operations…

This happens to everyone!

And you know what suffers?


“The same people failing to achieve new business… are the ones not making selling time a priority”

So what do REAL HUNTERS do?

My friend, there’s a lot of salespeople out there who loves to talk…Endless theories and philosophies…

Big on talk, short on action…

It’s the CHOICE to be the “victim” of your circumstance or…

Focus to prioritize new business sales attack!