Book 4. Day 152: New Sales Simplified

My time is mine!
Don’t touch it!

You may think that it’s cool when others fill up the calendars for you?

Again, No one defaults to prospecting.

One simple solution is TIME BLOCKING.

Protect it!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Poor use and unprotected calendar is a widespread issue…

One major reason why NEW SALES are not met.

Time blocking is easy and it works!

-A minimum of ninety minutes per time block
-Three hours is probably the limit on the upside

We can say, 2 sessions of 90 minutes with a 10-15 min break in the middle

For those doing almost no prospecting now, two time blocks per week, each scheduled for two hours, could produce exponentially better results.

For that matter, that’s 4 solid business days…Mon-Thurs
And these days, put 2 of these 2 hour sessions every single day!

That’s 16 hours of calls per week…

Doable, right?!

Remember my friend, in this sales vs support model.

Many in sales need to do support as well.

In Parkinson’s law “The work will expand to the time allotted”
It takes solid discipline to execute the method…

And thus, will not result to monthly ROLLERCOASTERS

There’s no other way…

You got to do actions!