Book 4. Day 153: New Sales Simplified

The definition of co-dependent means you get emotionally affected by the other person’s emotions…

It’s challenging to stay with mental toughness despite the external factors that come at you!

To throw you off your balance!

Not because your vicious!

But you do what you got to do!

One thing does not have to do with the other thing…

Because this is your CLARITY…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.


Treat this as sacred and non-negotiable!!!

The key is to remain on task…

In your case, if you keep 90 minutes a day just to cold call…

Again, non-negotiable!!!

So DO NOT CHECK those emails…one email can derail your entire time!

Put your phone on DND!

And NO inbound calls during prospecting!

Then it will reveal its data to target:

-how many calls
-how many appointments

The results are empowering!!!

You see, when this discipline starts and you learn how to hold it…

The mind starts to look for it rather than avoid.

If there’s a will there is always a way!

And when doubt creeps in, thinking you can’t do it…

That belief can make you a slave and it takes away enough power for you to NOT to achieve the commitment…

Remember, this is just one factor why salespeople fail in NEW SALES.