Book 4. Day 154: New Sales Simplified

The Math Works!
Work the Math!

Sales is a numbers game and we all heard it!

When will the salesperson listening to this stop thinking egoically??

Thinking to oneself like “I am dynamic! I am better! I don’t have to track my numbers!”

When will we listen??

Let’s test whether Mike Weinberg and Warren Greshes points in their books are all “mumbo jumbo”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Remember, we are not chasing every Tom, Dick, and Harry…

The more prospects we meet from our TWA(Target, Weapons and Attack) the more we close well…on a qualified basis.

When engaged in enough sales activity, data is relevant.

Every industry, every salesperson should know their numbers!!

You test and track it.

It gives you certainty vs the world of unknown.

“Know your numbers and you get the feeling of financial security”

Whatever you numbers…in general let’s say 10-1.

You’re always 10 calls away to making a sale!

That is a HUGE difference to financial security!

It goes with planning in reaching the goals.

Plan to acquire 15k this year?

This requires the breakdown:

-How many calls
-How many appointments
-How many sales needed

If you can’t back this up then its just a floating dream.