Book 4. Day 155: New Sales Simplified

The Math is different for every business…

Let’s look at the numbers in terms of activity:

12 closed deals requires 36 proposals delivered
36 proposals requires 48 opportunities
48 prospects with needs identified requires 72 initial meetings
72 initial meetings requires 144 initial proactive conversations

Imagine the whole chain if this increased?

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

In the Mint Capital we call this “small box” number

Why a small box?

So there’s no room for stories…

So, for others they would depend on “referrals”

Referrals are good but there are two ways to get leads!

1) Direct to consumer marketing
2) Referrals

Increase the flows for both of these platforms!

Remember, you do not ONLY represent as a “salesperson” in your company.

You are also an ENTREPRENEUR!


How do you promote the business?
How do you strategize guerilla marketing?
How do you do direct marketing?

What does it take to get attention on your business?

Metrics are necessary in order to track the activity.

Generally, we cannot control the result, but we certainly can control the volume of activity.

Remember if you know your numbers, then you would know what are losses you need to fill.