Book 4. Day 156: New Sales Simplified

We are moody and forgetful creatures!
Writing down is a reminder!

This makes us see the goals!

Seeing the target!

A reminder to ourselves where we are…
Helping our subconscious to work on it!

Example: Generating new ideas and improving these materials constantly…

You may come across some and thought its “NEW” but it’s not!

Later realized, you’ve had this many times before…

All because it was NOT written!

We are forgetful!
Always distracted!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

To ensure that the plan is smoothly executed…
We write an annual business plan!

Here’s the 1st component:

  1. Goals—What You Are Going to Achieve.
  • Total revenue dollars
  • Gross profit (dollars or %)
  • # of new accounts acquired
  • Net new business dollars
  • Revenue dollars from existing accounts
  • Product categories
  • Personal income goals

In the Mint Capital; we do this in number of LOANS by month!

Simple and trackable!

Dashboards that show every month and year vs what your goals are…

This keeps track where you are falling short!

What you should be doing that you’re not…

Your accountabilities!

These so called “goal” numbers are not usually the problem.

By account, its usually our HABITS…