Book 4. Day 157: New Sales Simplified

Time blocking!

When? What time? Which list? Put it in your calendar! Repeat the calendar event!

All details should be worked on

All the “HOW?” to get maximum results!

Get an accountability partner.

Do not only check the the first week, check also what happens after that?

Check your momentum!

You will get stronger and mentally tough!

Compound effect!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

“HOW” You Are Going to Do It?

  1. Strategies

-Are there certain existing accounts where you plan on
investing extra energy?

-Which geographies, vertical industries, or channels will
you pursue?

-What major cross-sell opportunities exist within existing

-How will you approach new accounts?

-What tools to use to achieve your goals?

If you do this every day, what is it gonna do for your business?

90 minutes of phone calls what is it gonna do?

Remember, its not everyday that you are in the mood.

Working every single day with this discipline takes you deeper..

Stick to it!

You will get smarter and stronger in that area!

You have increased your capacity…

Little obstacles don’t come up so much anymore!

It’s already conquered…

Its raising the bar on your maturity and emotional intelligence!