Book 4. Day 158: New Sales Simplified

You want to reach 250k dollars?

That’s 2 sales a week per month…

All boils down to “GREEN TIME”

60 minutes phone calls? 90 minutes?
Or 2 hours every single day?

Know that you have control over these commitments…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

These elements of commitments:

1.) Number of hours of TIME BLOCKING
2.) Number of Outbound calls (face to face sales calls)
3.) Number of trips to key markets and major presentation
4.) Number of proposals

Applying the “small box” number!

How many applications?
How many live appointments?
How many phone calls needed?
How many hours needed to commit to?

I made a Google sheet calculator putting all numbers in place.

Gives you a forecast data.

Example: Takes 25 meaningful conversation converting to 1 sale!

OK – so you know your numbers!

Remember, your phone calls today?

Is your PIPELINE in 60 days!

Whatever is it that your going to track my friend

All sales activities of commitment and accountability.

In order to reach your goal!

Take these ACTIONS!

You cannot control the outcome.
Only the actions that you do.