Book 4. Day 159: New Sales Simplified

“Show me the person who stands in your way
And I will show you someone who has a LOT OF EXCUSES!”

Before obstacles come?

Know it!

Put it on the table so it can be addressed!
Failure is not an option and we don’t believe in excuses.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Obstacles — What’s in the Way?

Your emotions, habits, routines, and mental process.
Unable to accept the truth in your face..

Eventually you will know them…

“What’s going on?!”

This takes your power away unconsciously!

Other obstacles includes:

-Product Knowledge
-Sales Support
-Lack of Technology
-Personal health or family issues

And there’s actually more…the moment we wake up!

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” by Warren Greshes

The things that control us that we’re not aware of…
Are the things that we need to be aware of, so they can’t control us anymore!

As salespeople…

We need to be accountable for our small box numbers.

Remember, feelings follow the actions!

So next time my friend, pick up that phone without thinking! Do not fight it against it! But instead fight for that commitment.