Book 4. Day 160: New Sales Simplified

The trees DON’T CARE
The weather DON’T CARE

The Sun will still come up regardless who is president!

Look around you…

Life continues whatever happens
The Universe continues whatever happens

We don’t get pulled into the drama of it!

Your mind produces the stories and worries from the garbage you intake
Garbage IN – garbage OUT

Stories about “Whoa what if Biden WINS?”

You will think that the worry is REAL
BUT it’s NOT!

Creating worries in our minds!

They call it “Lack Attack”
Always looking for what’s missing!
Then attacks you on it!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Personal Development (How You Plan to Grow This Year)

The areas you would like to develop to increase your skills…

-Seeking out a mentor

This book called “Salesdrive” explains and scientifically studied Top salespeople and 3 elements:


“Stay humble, stay hungry and keep learning”

A TOP salesperson is constantly competing for himself

Always sharpening his sword
Always humble BUT ambitious
Ambition by PASSION not by ANXIETY!

Beautiful weather my friend!
And we still don’t know who the president is!