Book 4. Day 162: New Sales Simplified

Strike while the iron is hot!

And it’s natural that hot leads deserve our full attention so they remain hot.
The problem?

Is when a salesperson is obsessed with ONLY this segment of the pipeline!

Overworking this part will create danger at the expense of the others segments your working

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Simply divide your opportunities into 3:

  1. Targeted – proactively pursuing
  2. Active accounts – started sales dialogue, potential opportunity
  3. Hot- is when real opportunities have emerged

It’s simple and as you categorized, you measure it!

Put it in the right bucket…

The goal is to check the status of each…

Why is this so important?

Again as mentioned before, no one defaults to prospecting mode.

Salespeople become “prisoners of hope” to the precious few hot deals they’re attempting to close.

Only focusing on the hot deals and no targeted will give you a sales rollercoaster…

Sometimes you have business, sometimes not…

Healthy pipeline shows balance in every segment…

Its full, It shows movement and it is balanced.

Remember my friend, rollercoaster is a choice!