Book 4. Day 165: New Sales Simplified

Frustration is never the OPTION!

Tony Robins calls it “Frustration is unmet expectations”

So what do you do?

Change your expectations!

These are attachments!
Attachments are things that you expect in life, in the universe, your family, your borther, sister, neighbor and Boss.

“Attachments are the root cause of all human suffering”

Go with the flow!

Even with unreturned calls
Even with making mistakes

Can you work on yourself? And become better at what you do? And not make the same mistakes twice?

Will you beat yourself because of this?

Mistakes are unchangeable…history!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Manners Matter!

Receptionists, administrative assistants, and gatekeepers are people—
people with feelings…

Befriend them!

A smile goes a long way, even over the phone.

You can use humor or demonstrate sensitivity…

Be incredibly persistent and still be nice.
Be nice and let them feel appreciated…

Also, don’t park next to your prospect’s front door.

Buyers and executives notice these things.

Because you were considerate enough to leave the best
spots open.