Book 4. Day 55: New Sales Simplified

Ready to close the deal?


Think of the salesperson as this elite fighter jet pilot.

The Mission?

Acquire enough new pieces of business or new accounts to exceed sales goal.

Once pilot is locked with (strategic, finite, focused, workable list)

Time to load the fighter jet with weapons.

In this episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales. Simplified”
by Mike Weinberg, in the middle of weapons: Marshaling the Weapons in Your Arsenal.

Here are collections of weapons available for the sales battle:

1.) Our Sales Story
2.) Networking
3.) E-Mail
4.) Social Media
5.) The Proactive Telephone Call
6.) Voice Mail
7.) Traditional Printed Marketing Materials
8.) Digital Marketing Tools: Blogs, Podcasts, Online Videos
9.) White Papers and Industry Experts
10.) The Initial Face-to-Face Sales Call
11.) Probing Questions
12.) Case Studies.
13.) Samples and Demos
14.) Trade Shows
15.) Facility Tours
16.) Team Selling
17.) Entertainment
18.) Presentations
19.) Proposals
20.) References

Which of these weapons are most applicable for your own new business sales initiative?

And which are missing from your personal arsenal?