Book 4. Day 61: New Sales Simplified

“If you want me to stop calling, you got to buy from me”

Take it from Warren Greshes quote from the book “The best damn sales book ever.”

Another principle he is said about voicemails is : “A 100% of people that you don’t leave a voicemail, won’t know that you called them.”

There’s not even a chance prospects will callback.

In this episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, we talk about voicemail as part of the weapons effective for acquiring new business.

Yes, you can build a relationship with someone through voicemail messages!

Start leaving tidbits of information.

Whether its the person’s business, new product, congratulations for new employee…

The “value” message, not a sales pitch…

In specific, like if you are a mortgage broker calling to one of your contacts, a referral partner or a realtor.

Trying to pass on a insightful information – lower rates, how much house you can afford etc.

Even short messages can definitely be a game changer on these prospects.

Don’t forget the enthusiasm. Smile!

You don’t want them to hear a message that puts them to sleep.

Voicemail is reality.

Let’s change our attitude about it.