Book 4. Day 71: New Sales Simplified

How do you entertain prospects without straining your budget?

Tickets to customer’s favorite sport event?

Dinner spot at a nice restaurant?

Coffee shop?

Entertainment takes the customer to another level and in another environment.

The sales tension side of it subsides.

Would you spend thousands of dollars on it?

Remember, it’s the experience that matters.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, we talk about Entertainment as part of the sales weapon in the arsenal.

There is a way for us to utilitze our weapons appropriately

Through that, help grease the wheels of prospects.

So, there’s this interesting little book called “Mr. Schmooze” by Richard Abraham.

It’s about a salesman who had a tremendously large database.

His way of sales is abundance of energy as well as taking care of his customers.

And whenever he heard somebody is into something like his son is practicing basketball?

He would right away arrange for someone to coach that kid and somehow make a big impression.

Anything relevant to the customers.

Point is.

When offering entertainment, not all the time that you will also be there!

It could be entertainment for the customer – without YOU being there.

Where can you help your customer have a wonderful and fun experience?

Where he can remember you in that light.