Book 4. Day 86: New Sales Simplified

No issues = No Sale!

There’s a reflex resistance when a person hears our sales pitch.

But when you start with a client’s issues – it delays that.

When the first thing that comes out of our mouth is all about addressing issues.

The dynamic of sales dance radically changes.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

No one cares…

What we do.

How smart we are.

How special we think our company is.

Sad but true!

It’s not about us.

Prospects are interested in one thing:

What’s in it for them?

Client issues are the sharp tip of our sales spear.

So my friend, how can you start future conversations with prospect?

Remember, If prospects have:

No Pains
No Problems in need of solving
Not trying to achieve different result

Why would they change?