Book 4. Day 89: New Sales Simplified

The least compelling component of our story…

Our offerings.

Careful not to oversell but works best if this is described in a few sentences.

Another power statement transitions to the list of reasons.


Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

In differentiators…

Clients and borrowers turn to Mint Capital for their residential mortgage needs for yourself and investments whether it’s:

primary resident
cash out

They continue to turn to the Mint Capital because we deliver we communicate…

All you need to do is sign!

We’re different because we’re brokers, we deal with lots of banks and hundreds of programs.

If you say it could get done – it will get done…

We get it done.

Because we have access to 10’s of different of banks we are able to give you the best price in the market.

Power statements like this can give an opportunity to declare the offering…