Book 4. Day 92: New Sales Simplified

I behave like my livelihood depends on your sales success!”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg’s Coach Power Statements which he uses for his own business.

Mike Weinberg’s power statements does exactly what he needs to do.

Provides sales and sales leadership coaching to teams.

Hired by companies and work with individuals.

Here are a few statements in a different approach:

  • Don’t call me for customer service training. You only want me if you are serious increasing new sales.
  • I will not bring your people to my classroom for some canned content.
    Don’t be surprised to find me jumping to observe sales calls.
  • I speak in blunt plain language and use new business development framework.
  • You don’t want a ski coach sitting and sipping brandy. Be with someone who grabs you and says “Follow me down the hill”

All these keeps his message.

“My story is my story is my story”