Energy cycle

Humans don’t run on gas.

Cars run on gas. The same temperature. The same amount.

You fill ‘er up and the car works. Cars don’t change their speed according to the weather. 

The human body runs on blood. Blood gets warmer and colder.

Our moods change. We have our ups and downs. Energy cycles. 

The key to life is balance and consistency. 

Put one foot in front of the other.

Regardless of the temperature of your blood. Regardless of the passion.

Sometimes we can only succeed through pressure, even if we are not in the mood of it!

We become stronger and the true character is revealed.

History is not about extraordinary men, it’s about ordinary men that rose up to the challenge of necessity.

We live in the world of Askanim, individuals who will always step up when the need arises. 

Don’t wait for the big leaders to take charge. Ask yourself: “What can I do to help others?”

There are so many wonderful organizations.

Hatzalah. Chaverim. Chesed. Shomrim. Chesed Shel Emes. Bein Ish. RCCS. Chai Lifeline. Hamaspik. 
To name a few.

Most of them started by simple individuals, not Rebbes.

You don’t need to be born extraordinary. You don’t need to be the ‘right’ height, looks, parents or status. 

You can become extraordinary with how you are and with what you have!

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