Book 6. Day 32: Outstanding!

• Be Outstanding •

Be Flexible: Put People Before Policies

Succeed with What You Have


Remember, People Want to Win

Never Forget Who Pays the Bills


Stand Behind Your Stuff

Develop Managers

Let Every Player Count

Speak Well: Make the Right Impression

Choose to Change

Have the Right People Make the Right Decisions

Elevate the Conversation

Fire Customers! (If Necessary)


Encourage One Another

Listen in All Directions

Coach, Moment to Moment

Be Coachable

Someone Needs to Be the Boss

Seek No Culprits

Skip the Vision Thing


Treat Vendors like People

Stay Alarmed

Tend to the Little Things

Put Performance Before Titles

Don’t Stagnate: Turnover Can Be a Good Thing

Try! Risk! Grow!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Outstanding! 47 Ways to make your organization exceptional ” by John G. Miller

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Have a great day my friend!