Bringing objections to the surface

Did you notice the smudge on that guy’s shirt?

We are many times conscious that people are noticing things we do or don’t do. We are worried that everyone is looking that you made a mistake.

Let me tell you a secret:

> People are not noticing what you do. <

People are busy looking at themselves, thinking of themselves, and worrying what everyone else does and says about them. They don’t even have time to notice what you do.

As Darren Hardy says: “Where is the center of the universe? By every person, the center of the universe is in their own heart.”

However, in the sales process, this does not work.

There is no option. You must listen and focus on the prospect.

Listening and really paying attention is an art.

You need to be mindful:
What are they saying?
What are they not saying?
Where are they stuttering?
Where are they holding back?
Where are they pausing?

Really listen so you can get to the bottom of the needs of the customer.

It’s what they don’t say.

It’s between the lines.

Ask nicely and calmly: “what do you mean by that? Tell me more.”
Genuinely try to understand your customers needs and wants.
Make them feel safe and understood.

That’s the way to really listen.

That’s the way to gain their trust.

How do you show your clients that you are listening?