Brush offs

Did you learn something new today?

We don’t always have to learn something new.

It’s not always about the new lesson. As long as it’s a lesson.

When you find a book/mentor/podcast that talks to you, that stirs your soul.

Save it.

Listen to it.
Again and again. And again.

In the EOS system, they say that we need to listen to something seven times before we hear it once. SEVEN times!

The same applies in the world of marketing, for example.
We understand that brands need to market themselves in many different media formats; text, audio, video, etc.

As a salesperson, you also need to constantly be on top of your game.

Be proactive.

When you hear or see a good message that talks to you, keep it in mind.
Keep on listening to it.
Listen to it again and again.

It’s not about learning NEW things every day.
It’s about doing the SAME things every day.

What do you need to do in sales?

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.
Consistently do your calls. The same time every day.
Sixty minutes. Ninety minutes. Without distractions. 

The daily little tax will help you crack the code. That will be your secret to success!

That, my friend, I wish for you.

The clarity and courage.

The clarity to pick the right things. The courage to do it.

And the persistence to do it every day!

Let’s go!