BS yourself

I’m sure you heard this before.

“BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!” — Lou Landau

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, and it does not affect you in a negative way, that in itself is already a positive reinforcement. 

Everyday look for ways to grow in a positive way.

Yes. We DO allow that.

BS yourself to functionality can also mean that it is real.

In some situations when it just doesn’t ‘feel positive’, then you tell yourself, “I’m going to allow it”!

Your modus operandi should be:

I gotta stay positive!

I want to stay positive!

It’s good for me to stay positive!

When negative thoughts enter your mind and says, “Hey, you gotta be realistic..”. 

Then you BS yourself and tell yourself, “Nah, not today. Today I am not realistic…”

Despite everything, keep on walking ‘blindly’ and keep positive!

You’re doing great, my friend. Keep at it!