Business Heroes

Do you consider yourself a hero?

First, let’s define a hero.

One is the likes of Albert Einstein or Elon Musk.

Everyone knows there is no use in trying to be like them. That type of skill is at all not common.  These are people that have a unique genetic advantage, a DNA lottery win of sorts.

Then, there is the *ordinary* hero.

People of average (or above average) intelligence, but with dysfunctional character traits or emotional imbalance and struggles.

These are the people that took the time and discipline to work on themselves and their character traits.

These heroes broke through many barriers to make something of themselves.

The “ordinary” hero is much more heroic in my eyes, than all the “freaks of nature” who were gifted with an abundance of tools to make them who they are.

So, to answer my own question. Do I consider myself a hero?


I can humbly say that looking back where I came from — all the challenges I had to overcome: and to learn how to live and and deal with life — and working on myself to learn to accept myself.

That’s heroic! to me!


Who are YOUR heroes you admire? Tag them in the comments!