But it feels the same

There is a difference between objection and rejection. 

But it feels the same.

When a prospect says “no” it hurts.

On an emotional level, it feels the same.

It doesn’t matter whether the prospect has an excuse.

It’s difficult to see the difference. 

We anticipate an answer.

We worry about what the answer will be.
Then we perceive every objection as a rejection. 

We get triggered the same way.

Logically we understand that it’s not a rejection.
Intellectually we realize that it’s not a rejection. 

But emotionally we feel otherwise.

It physically hurts us. 

It’s like we know and understands that everything is bashert (predestined), yet we still want more.

We don’t take no for an answer.

We can attempt to rationalize it, but that won’t do the trick.

Objections and rejections sting.

“If telling salespeople to suck it up and not take objections personally worked, we’d all be champions at asking for what we want and getting past a no…” — Jeb Blount