Calling Upon My Inner Power

When you feel stuck. There is a deadline looming. A quota has to be met soon.

(Let’s not talk about the fact of procrastinating until the deadline is nearly here.)

What do you do?

Tony Robbins says Create a Massive Action Plan.

What is the massive action that I need to do to reach my goal?

Look at your goal and create a plan, like if your life depended on it!

What kind of powers would you get? 
What kind of resources would you suddenly have? 

Like an older woman was able to pick up a car(!) with her own two hands, when she saw her son was under the wheel.

Make a plan to reach your goal, like your loved one’s life depended on it!

Call upon your inner resources.

David Goggins, a Navy Seal who is famous for his 100 mile run in 19 hours, says that when you feel at your edge and want to give up, you’re ONLY at 40% of your strength capacity!

When you think you hit the top. You are exhausted.
You can’t do another push up, another call, or another file, you only reached 40% of the limit you can really reach.

When I heard this, I immediately increased my daily push-ups to nearly double than before. (Oh, of course they may not be “perfect” push-ups, but that’s for another post…)

Because, why should I stay at 40% of my strength capacity? 

Don’t get comfortable with your goals. Always push higher!