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Flooding lesson

The flood the other week was terrible. At the time it was very, very difficult. Basements got flooded. Properties got ruined. Some people were hurt. But, remember our mantra: This too shall pass! The very next day the sun was shining. It was an amazing, beautiful, sunny weather! What a comparison to the weather of […]


What do you see in the mirror? Y O U! You are a good person! You, my fellow salesperson, are an awesome individual! Smile to yourself in the mirror. Every time. Smile at everyone around you. One of the keys in sales is to make people feel good about themselves. Give them a compliment. Tell […]

New Year

What a year this has been! My friend, the Jewish New Year is here. At this time we reflecton our blessings. The abundance.The growth of the past year. At this time we hopeFor the future.For health.For happiness. At this time I wish you a Ksiva V’chasima Tova and a blessed new year!

Ask again

The prospect can feel if you are confident. Or if you are not. When calling up, or walking up to a prospect, always assume that the answer will be a YES. Why shouldn’t it be? There is no reason why they should tell you NO. Right? When you show up with a confident poise, with […]

Value ideas over politics

Leave Your Ego At The Door!    Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager, wrote a fascinating book called “Principles”. The key element of it is that everyone should evaluate each other. Whether they’re sitting in meetings or at any other time, people rate their coworkers 1-5 while sharing why they gave them that number. Everyone feels comfortable sharing, simply because it […]

Nobody wants to lose

“Nobody wakes up wanting to be a loser.” (Darren Hardy) No one chooses to screw up. It’s an occurrence that happens with the daily act of living. Hundreds of tiny choices are made that push us towards winning or losing.  Winning or Losing.  Dr. William James gives a great idea for self-help.  Check-in on yourself […]

LO is a long term career

Hang On For The Ride…(It’s worth it!) Loan officers are in it for the long haul. It’s not an opportunistic career. Rates are currently low, creating quick business. However, it’s still a long-term investment.  There’s this natural growth cycle that takes place: Satisfied customers refinance with the same loan officer every five to seven years. […]

Summer weather

Good morning, my friend! What a beautiful, beautiful sunny summer morning! There is so much to appreciate and enjoy in the warm summer weather. Although it’s a little hot, there is a lot to enjoy about it. Summer brings out the warmth,the kindness,the expanse,the vastness,of the world. Use your summertime wisely. It’s always a good […]