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Challenges from other LOs

A guy from a different mortgage company called me up. He wanted to inquire about the Mint Capital. He told me he had to hire and train his own processor. He didn’t have the time and knowledge to train the processor. He was new in the loan officer field and he didn’t yet know everything. […]

Winning with the daily tax

“Nobody wakes up and intentionally sets out to gain 100 pounds,Or lose their house,Or lose their job,Or see their kids in rehab,Or go through a painful divorce.It happens unintentionally, due to our small choices.” — Darren Hardy As Dr. William James says, “It’s the tiny, little daily taxes that add up to huge dysfunction.” One […]

Winning or losing?

A LOs had eight files “cooking” at once. (Meaning, eight super-hot leads that are going to sign soon.) I had a conversation with him one day. He told me he didn’t submit a single file for the past two months. He had an empty pipeline. For two months straight he has been making calls every day. […]

Motivational review

Are you in sales? Being in sales requires commitment.  Full commitment. 100% commitment. Commit yourself to a minimum amount of tasks you will complete daily. Minimum amount of cold calls daily.Minimum amount of green time daily.Minimum amount of people you will talk to daily. Minimum commitment. No negotiations. 3 months. 6 months. 9 months. According […]


The EOS system incorporates a powerful tool. In order for a person to succeed in their role, they need to “GWC”. G = “Get it”W = “Want it”C = “capacity” GET IT: The person needs to ‘get’ it. They need the smarts and insights to understand their role. For example, the role of playing music. […]

Reviewing the learning

What’s new? We don’t always have to learn something “new”. Sometimes, we also need to “review”. Learning is all about reviewing it — and of course, doing it! Learning without “doing” is not worth learning.  We need to incorporate the lessons we learn. To become better people. Sometimes, when learning something new, we feel good […]

Stats for new LOs

Here’s what NEW loan officers joining the Mint Capital can expect: TRAINING I know I’ve mentioned it many times already, but I’ll say it again. The Mint Capital has the most rigorous training and support system like no other.> Education> Quizzes> Hands-on test files all this information and training The Mint, takes our LOs from […]

How YOU Can Earn In The TOP 1% ??

Something Darren Hardy said got me thinking. I listen almost every morning to Darren’s morning podcast. It’s inspirational and motivating with a positive vibe and great message. (Darren is a great guy, by the way!) In his mini-series “How to gain an edge”, Darren explained the difference in energy levels between the 1% earners, the […]