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How many ears does a human have? Two. Right? And how many mouths does a human have? One. We should learn to listen and talk according to that. We have two ears for a reason. To listen. As a salesperson, you should listen (to your prospect/client) 85% of the time, and ask questions the rest […]

Take a break

Ahhhh. Breathe in! What beautiful glorious summer weather. Enjoy it. Take a few minutes in the middle of your workday to enjoy the weather.  Make it your “business” to breathe in the wonderful fresh air. Take a recovery break. A refresh.  Take five minutes and go out to just breathe. Recovery is as important as […]

Stay fit

“Living with the mindset ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ may get one there quite a bit faster…” Wise words were written by Joe De Sena in his book “Spartan Up!” Sleeping poorly, eating poorly, and not taking care of our body has negative physical and emotional repercussions.  Humans need about 8 hours of sleep every […]


Do you exercise? When working in the office, many people spend a large amount of time sitting and staring at screens. Physical movement is extremely important for the body and mind. In the army, they say: “A strong body is a strong mind”. Exercise is so, so important. We’re not talking crazy, deep exercise; but […]

Lack vs. Relax

Which person would you rather trust? Someone hunched over, head down, arms crossed? Or, someone with a straight posture, chin up, shoulders straight back? Obviously, a person that is confident will have a “power pose” and exude more trust. This is the way to do it:Imagine there is a string at the back of your […]

The 3 step turnaround framework

“Oh, I’m already dealing with someone else.” How would you respond when a prospect says this? Jeb Blount explains that we need to build “ledges” to help us handle objections when prospecting. When being hit with rejection, we have an involuntary automatic response, similar to fight-or-flight, to buffer the feeling of rejection. A “ledge” is […]

Non-verbal communication

Do you wear a suit to work? Dress with confidence.  A salesperson needs to look at the part and be dressed well. “A picture is worth a thousand words and being well dressed sends a powerful message internally and externally. Which is why even inside salespeople should dress for confidence.” — Jeb Blount My friend, […]

The rule of thirds

Yes.No.Maybe. When a prospect says “maybe”, there is potential it should go in the direction of a “yes” or a “no”. “I need to think about it.”“I’ll call you when I need this.”“Let me take your card.” All these answers just push off the “yes”. We need to move the Maybes to become Yeses. We […]

Brush offs

Did you learn something new today? We don’t always have to learn something new. It’s not always about the new lesson. As long as it’s a lesson. When you find a book/mentor/podcast that talks to you, that stirs your soul. Save it. Listen to it.Again and again. And again. In the EOS system, they say […]