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The fastest way to failure?

The fastest way to failure? Undisciplined! “Discipline is something you need, and everything that you do in your life”. There’s a saying in the Jewish tradition. In the English translation of that is – “A person was not born only to work on their habits and behaviors”. The person was born only to work on […]

”It’s always now!”

This is a quote I believe from the East. When it comes to not worrying about the future. ”Be Here Now” – the famous book from Eckhart Tolle. And the point is – don’t worry about the future. Don’t ruin your now, because of something that may or may not happen in the #future. Of […]

In a Blink of an eye!

In a blink of an eye! Life is a fleeting moment my friend. You blink and it’s winter… Another blink and its summer again… Another blink and it’s 10 years from now. 10 years from now we’ll be here anyway. 10 years is going to come. July 2030! You’re going to look in the mirror. […]

Top producers have one thing in common

Top producers have one thing in common. They have a consistent daily activity. So this loan officer, extremely successful, he’s doing like 34 loans a month. Here’s the daily activity that this guy does… He works Monday through Thursday. From 9-12 he does his prospecting – after 12 he does meetings. He only deals with […]

Do You Like Riding A Roller-Coaster?

I want to quit! Let’s talk about the roller-coaster effect. A high performing life insurance agent once shared with me an interesting point. He was new to the business, did a lot of sales, very successful, and suddenly one month he did zero business. That was because he was so busy closing a lot of […]

Cause of Inactivity (COI)

Are you afraid of rejection? Do you absolutely hate it? Can’t take it? Guess what? Well, if you don’t ask, it’s a guaranteed no! Yes! Automatically rejected. Inaction is a guaranteed no. Rather take a no than a non-response. Get this into your head! Inaction is a guaranteed no! Ask 6.7 times until you get […]

Just Ask!

Just ask!!! There is a 24-year-old, who is in the business as a loan officer for 4 weeks! Yes, 24-year-old, 4 weeks into the business. And he is already doing 6-7 loans in the total amount of 2 million dollars. He says his number one thing. Just Ask! He constantly reaches out to people to […]

All these limiting beliefs that you fight for, you get to keep.

”The limitations you fight for, you get to keep” ~ Jim Kwik ~ The limitations you fight for…The self-limitations…The limiting beliefs…The old stories…The pains…The struggling…The reasons why you want to think about your past…Equals your future… All these limiting beliefs that you fight for, you get to keep. Let go of the negative emotions that […]

The Key To Life Is Balance!

The key to life is balance. Between ambitious vision/goal. But driven by passion, not anxiety. While all-in-all moving with compassion, calm, with confidence and בטחון (Trust in Higher Power). Because making goals and not reaching them, is very common and thoughts like these sneak in, “did I do it good enough”“did I set it good […]