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Learn from Nature

Good Monday morning! What a beautiful summer morning. The greenery, the lake, the sky. Like the famous saying, “Learn from nature, it doesn’t rush, yet everything gets done”. I always questioned this. Everything gets done, what does that mean? How do I know what had to have gotten done… I don’t know what should have […]

The power of full engagement

Do you live my friend? Whatever you do – is it with full engagement? “80% of success is just showing up” Showing up, not just your body, show up with your soul! Show up to that meeting,Show up to your family,Show up to your customer,Show up to your role,Show up to nature,Show up to life, […]

Moment of Clarity

We sit with a loan officer, to discuss things, struggles, areas of improvements, things to focus on, discipline, etc. And, we have this moment of clarity, we’re in a good emotional state, and we make a commitment. Yes “I can – and I will – do it!” he says. But then, he gets back to […]

Moment of Clarity 2

There’s a saying: “The mind has an infinite capacity for self-deception” And even if it’s just 1% doubt. But in that 1% – that commitment is gone, unfortunately. There’s a saying: “Success is in a 100% commitment” Only when you give a 100% commitment, then you can expect success. If there’s only 99%, that 1% […]

Lazy sometimes process activity!

Good morning! Wow! It’s so hot outside today! Yeah, It’s summer! But we do what we got to do every single day. We don’t let the weather get in the way!We don’t let the weather affect us negatively!We just do what we got to do!We don’t have to be clever!We don’t need to be a […]

Depression sometimes is pure ego!

Depression sometimes is pure ego! (Not talking about Real Clinically Depressed, for those I pray and have full compassion). My daughter shared with me that she heard a podcast from famous Jewish comedian Mendy Pellin. He shared that when he was 19, he was so depressed, he could not get out of bed. Because he […]

Book 4. Day 95: New Sales Simplified

Why did you come to us in the first place? What issues were you looking for? Why do we still have your business? We continue with sales story exercise to increase your confidence… Phone call is best and ask your customers if they can help. Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales […]

Why am I doing this?

Why? Why am I doing this? I should drop it. Perhaps I should change it to something more meaningful. Today I’m too tired. Tomorrow I’ll do a double. All monkey talk. It’s BS!!! You’re just not disciplined! That’s all. Do you want to start working on discipline? Here is what works for me. Start in […]

The fastest way to failure?

The fastest way to failure? Undisciplined! “Discipline is something you need, and everything that you do in your life”. There’s a saying in the Jewish tradition. In the English translation of that is – “A person was not born only to work on their habits and behaviors”. The person was born only to work on […]

”It’s always now!”

This is a quote I believe from the East. When it comes to not worrying about the future. ”Be Here Now” – the famous book from Eckhart Tolle. And the point is – don’t worry about the future. Don’t ruin your now, because of something that may or may not happen in the #future. Of […]