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I am extremely proud of our team! This is the way we roll at the Mint Capital.  20 of our talented loan officers traveled to UWM, the Nation’s largest wholesale lender. Wow! The culture there is just impressive. We had amazing training and fantastic sales meetings. Always learning from the best in the industry and […]

Thanksgiving 2021

The story of Michael Singer is fascinating. I read how Michael went from being a broke-yogi-meditating-teenager to becoming a hundred-million-dollar-worth-CEO of a few-billion-dollar-worth-business. In his book “Surrender Experiment” he explains how he felt that his mind was driving him crazy. Always think about people, places, things, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. So he experimented with Surrender […]

But it feels the same

There is a difference between objection and rejection.  But it feels the same. When a prospect says “no” it hurts. On an emotional level, it feels the same. It doesn’t matter whether the prospect has an excuse. It’s difficult to see the difference.  We anticipate an answer. We worry about what the answer will be.Then […]

Murder boarding

Have you ever heard of murder boarding? It’s not quite as bad as it sounds… Murder boarding is when you put everything on the board and critically examine the document, or proposal, or deal, or whatever it is on there.  Nothing is sacred on that board. Everything is a joke on that board. Every angle. […]

Missing tiles

Imagine you walk into this beautiful ballroom. The floors and walls are tiled with gorgeous stone. All done to perfection. But one small tile is missing. You wonder. “Hey, what’s going on here? Where is the missing tile?” My friend, don’t focus on the missing tile. There are 999 other beautiful tiles in this room. […]

Appreciate the beauty around us

Get out! Get out there. Look at the sky.Look at the sun.Look at the trees.Look at the moon.Look at the clouds. The oceans. The waters. The rivers. Ah! Just beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. It’s good to be alive! #LouLandau#gratitude#appreciation#thanksgiving Have a happy and beautiful weekend ahead!

Fall weather

The beauty of living in New York… Look around. We have four different seasons to enjoy. Different colors. Different weathers.Different moods. Not everywhere do we see all four seasons. I am grateful to live in New York where we can enjoy different weathers. Let’s embrace every season. Let’s enjoy the shift in seasons.  We are […]

Our newest licensed loan officer

With great pride, we’re welcoming the latest addition to The Mint Capital Inc family. Zishe Muller Our newest licensed loan officer. Today is an exciting day at The Mint Capital Inc. Wishing him a wonderful new beginning with continuous success in all his endeavors. With great pride, we’re welcoming the latest addition to The Mint Capital: […]

Map the account stakeholders

Don’t ignore the quiet guy in the room. You never know who he might be. He may not be *the* decision-maker, but he might be a major influencer. Always be on everyone’s good side. You never know who’s who and who might be the one that will decide to close the deal. Buyers. Amplifiers. Seekers. […]