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Just Ask!

Just ask!!! There is a 24-year-old, who is in the business as a loan officer for 4 weeks! Yes, 24-year-old, 4 weeks into the business. And he is already doing 6-7 loans in the total amount of 2 million dollars. He says his number one thing. Just Ask! He constantly reaches out to people to […]

All these limiting beliefs that you fight for, you get to keep.

”The limitations you fight for, you get to keep” ~ Jim Kwik ~ The limitations you fight for…The self-limitations…The limiting beliefs…The old stories…The pains…The struggling…The reasons why you want to think about your past…Equals your future… All these limiting beliefs that you fight for, you get to keep. Let go of the negative emotions that […]

The Key To Life Is Balance!

The key to life is balance. Between ambitious vision/goal. But driven by passion, not anxiety. While all-in-all moving with compassion, calm, with confidence and בטחון (Trust in Higher Power). Because making goals and not reaching them, is very common and thoughts like these sneak in, “did I do it good enough”“did I set it good […]

The limitations you fight for

”The limitations you fight for, you get to keep” ~ Jim Kwik ~ The self-limitations.The limiting beliefs.The pain.The suffering. All of those things. Everything you fight for. You get to keep. Stop fighting for them! Let them go! Allow your self to have some magical thinking! Feelings and beliefs that things can change for the […]

The richest man in Babylon #3

Another great point from the Richest Man in Babylon. I’ve also heard this from David Ekstein the founder of the famous Brooklyn Financial Group It was like 20 years ago, he said to me:, Lou, ”it’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few million dollars in the bank”. And in the book, he says […]

The richest man in Babylon #1

Stepping outside my role for a min. In a discussion with my LO’s, we were discussing financial future. The importance of having a savings account where you put away a certain percentage of your earnings. Thinking about it from an investment perspective. There’s a very famous book, from about a hundred years ago, a huge […]

Change your thinking

I’m a mess.The company suks.The manager is an idiot.The product is bad.Too expensive.Too much competition. Stop!!!!! The way you think, that’s where you’ll end up! Everything starts in your head. So why not change you thinking? Imagine if you think like this. I’m good!I’m smart!People like me!I’m an excellent salesperson!I know my products!I love making […]

It’s 2:30 AM

It’s 2:30 AM I just finished 6 hours of clean focus. We’re revamping our training system. Accomplished a LOT. It feels really good. A few things that come to mind. “If you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life.” And the only way I could do this, be so focused for […]