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Driven by passion, not by guilt

Ambition by passion, not ambition by anxiety! Be driven by passion, not by guilt or jealousy etc. Young and stupid salespeople can make a mistake. Can mess up an interview. Can call or follow up too frequently. Can use a script that’s not perfect. Can offer the wrong product or make a mistake. For a […]

I was young and stupid

I was young and stupid! People have a lot of emotional baggage from their past. Stupid things they have done. Opportunities they have missed. Things they should have said and shouldn’t have said. Relationships they should’ve or shouldn’t have started. Business opportunities they should have or should not have done. Investment opportunities they should have […]

A healthy working environment

A healthy working environment is, knowing that there’s no judgment, we’re all here for the cause. And therefore, everything we do at TMC is measured by that, and we always make sure that the same thing goes to the loan officers. No politics! No negativity! If we find somebody being too serious, too #pressured, and […]

Enjoy coming to work

Everyone is saying it, very few really get it. Early on when I was brought in to The Mint Capital Inc, It was a new position with the company, I was new at the job. I didn’t have much experience in the mortgage industry. I used to come into Joel’s office, “I’m lost, something is […]

Blink of an eye

Good morning my LinkedIn friends. I was reflecting on the little LinkedIn posting initiative I’ve undertaken lately. In the blink of an eye, it’s gone… Here I am working so hard on it. First I’m recording a message. Then my assistant is writing it up. Then my editor is editing it. We post it, we […]

Fly out the ego

Do I have a big ego? In a meeting with Joe Freund and Joel Lieberman about Linkedin strategy. We were having a great meeting, in the middle of our heated conversation, I had this expression. Something like… I don’t have an ego! Or. It’s not about my ego! While Joe acknowledged it, I said “Hold […]

Use me!

Use me! Yes, use me – I like that word. I first heard it from Oprah Winfrey, in case you don’t know who that is, she’s the first African American female to become a billionaire. (I have a weak spot for self-made billionaires, I just can’t help it😉) As a young child, she went through […]

Mindset you need to have

“I feel like a beggar” ”I’m trying to squeeze deal” ”I’m trying to make some money out of them” Noooo!!! Being good at sales is all about the mindset. You can’t give what you don’t have… You need to have the right mindset for yourself first. Then you can share it with others. You are […]

We are not perfect!

We are not perfect! We can never be perfect! And it will never be perfect! The best systems in the world are never 100% perfect. On the outside, it may look functional and #great. But when you sit into the meetings, do you think that those companies are not dealing with issues? Imperfection…Problems…Bugs… Of course, […]

The small box number

Top producers are making calls every single day! They call contacts on their birthdays. They make annual check-up calls. They call to give in process updates. They call pre-qualified prospects, retailers, and referral partners. Being a top producer is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But while it may be difficult to […]