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Increasing the Yes level

What’s the trick to building the tallest building in the city? Build the tallest building in the city. Tear down all buildings around you, so you remain the tallest. The same applies to sales. How do you increase the “yes” response to sales? By eliminating the “low” probabilities. How to avoid the “low and no” […]


November 1st! Where are you up to, my friend? It’s now exactly two months until the end of the year. What are you doing? Where are your goals up to? It’s a few weeks after Sukkos (holiday) already. What has changed? How are you changing? Remember, every 25 years has 100 quarters. How is this […]

Fall season

Gooooood morning!! The weather is starting to get crispy… Fall is here! The beautiful fall season with clear skies and colorful trees. Take a moment to look at it, my friend. As they say, “The trees are showing their true colors in Fall”… What are your true colors you will show this season? Make it […]

Clarify – part 2

Can you believe it? We have a little over two months until the end of the year! Get to work. Get into it. What are the goals you still want to reach by the end of the year? It can seem overwhelming. All you need to do is restart your engine. One hour at a […]

Clarify – part 3

They say “necessity is the mother of inventions”. I recently heard a great twist to this quote: “Assumptions is the mother of all screw-ups!” — Darren Hardy Never assume anything. Always clarify everything. “When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.” The assumption should only be that you’re going to make […]

The happiest man on earth

The happiest man on earth! I just finished listening to the audio of the book “The Happiest Man on Earth” by Edie Jaku. All I can say is WOW! I told my kids, $100 for everyone who finishes the book. One of my daughters finished it already, she said to me “It’s the most beautiful […]

Gratitude Journal #7

Did you start your gratitude log yet? (In my mini-series of gratitude, I explain how keeping a log of “100 Daily Thank You’s” can help you turn your life around.) Did you see the good already? Look around. See the trees. The beautiful trees that are changing colors in fall. There are so many different […]


What happens when the Situation Room gets flooded? There is a “war room” in the White House, called the Situation Room. This is the room where all the important people strategize whichever ‘situation’ there is going on at any given time. Imagine if that room gets flooded. There would be no meetings. No strategy. Only […]

Gratitude Journal #6

You are a part of this beautiful world. Look around the world and see the beauty in it.  By noticing the beauty and amazingness of nature; we develop a love for ourselves, which is also a part of it. You are a part of this beautiful world. Look around and see: The Universe.The Galaxies.The Planetary […]