Cause of Inactivity (COI)

Are you afraid of rejection?

Do you absolutely hate it?

Can’t take it?

Guess what?

Well, if you don’t ask, it’s a guaranteed no!


Automatically rejected.

Inaction is a guaranteed no.

Rather take a no than a non-response.

Get this into your head!

Inaction is a guaranteed no!

Ask 6.7 times until you get a yes or a no.

You have the time and energy to do this right now…

You are building a long-term business.

You are #afraid that you don’t know anything?

This is just a mindset – whatever it is you can figure it out.

Nothing in this business is rocket science.

Figure it out…

You can, if you believe you can.

And again, my friend

Whatever you fight for – you get to keep.