Challenges from other LOs

A guy from a different mortgage company called me up. He wanted to inquire about the Mint Capital.

He told me he had to hire and train his own processor. He didn’t have the time and knowledge to train the processor.

He was new in the loan officer field and he didn’t yet know everything. On top of that, his producer was too busy to answer his questions and fully train him.

He asked me, “Lou, how does it work at the Mint Capital? I am overworking, I need to train my processor plus I still need to learn some things myself. I am totally overwhelmed!”

The answer is: The Mint way is exactly the opposite!

We support our loan officers all the way! Our LOs do NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH PROCESSING AT ALL.

All they need to do is structure the loan and put it into the system. From there, our LOs hand the loan over to our capable, fully-trained processing team.

Our full staff of processors take care of every detail, including dealing with the:




and preparing for the closing.

When comparing any mortgage company with the Mint — it’s not even apples to apples. It’s a completely different criteria. Our LOs can double the amount of loans since they don’t do any processing work.

At the end of the pipeline that makes all the difference!