Change your thinking

I’m a mess.
The company suks.
The manager is an idiot.
The product is bad.
Too expensive.
Too much competition.


The way you think, that’s where you’ll end up!

Everything starts in your head.

So why not change you thinking?

Imagine if you think like this.

I’m good!
I’m smart!
People like me!
I’m an excellent salesperson!
I know my products!
I love making phone calls!
I love working at this company!
I love my family!
I love my house!
I love my community!
I love everything that’s happening!

Absolutely, there are some imperfections.

There are things that I want to improve on.

But it’s fine!
I’ll survive…
I’m a strong person.
I’m strong internally!
I got this! I change!
I progress!

That’s the way of thinking you need to play in your head over and over.

That is what your affirmations need to be.

Pick a line and play it over and over!


And change your thinking for good!

What’s playing in your head?