Change yourself

You need to stop trying.

Stop trying to change others!

The root cause of so much suffering is when people, who have good intentions (and possibly know better), try to #change other people.

The only person you should focus on changing is yourself! 

There is a famous saying:

“When I was young, I wanted to change the world. As I got a little older, I saw I cannot change the world. So I tried to change my country. As I got even older, I tried to at least change my city.
I got older still, I tried to change my family. And, now that I am old I wish I can change myself!” 

Change your #focus. Focus on changing yourself.

Make yourself a little better than yesterday. And then a little more.

One percent change every week.

#Build on that, and you will see change!

Do not try a 360 degree change.

It ain’t working that way. It takes years of work. Little by little.

Change your habits. Change your routines. One percent at a time.

Slowly. Build it up.

And only then, will you notice that 360 degree change.