Chronological age vs. energy age

ADHD can be a gift.

Different people have different energy levels.

According to Psycho-Cybernetics, the younger we are, the more abundant our energy is.

Basically, younger people have way more energy than they need. As we see, children are a ball of energy!

As we age, our energy levels move down.

But, there IS a difference between biological age and energy age. (There’s actually an online test you can take to check your energy age. I may be 47, but my energy is at 25

Some people are just wired differently and have more energy, even as they age.

Of course, when energy is used in a productive way, you can achieve real great things!

The sad reality is that 40% of incarcerated people have undiagnosed ADHD.

When a person has an overabundance of energy, but they are not AWARE that they have that abundance, they end up being very fidgety — and it drive them out of their minds!

Without the proper awareness and help, too much energy can literally drive someone insane.

I spoke to a very wealthy man (who is involved in 30+ businesses), and asked him, “What’s your secret?”

Without a blink, he answered, “I was lucky enough to have been diagnosed with ADHD at seven, so my parents helped me learn how to deal with it then!”

What a blessing!