Clarify – part 3

They say “necessity is the mother of inventions”.

I recently heard a great twist to this quote:

“Assumptions is the mother of all screw-ups!” — Darren Hardy

Never assume anything. Always clarify everything.

“When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.”

The assumption should only be that you’re going to make the sale. But it should never be on the person that you think will be the customer.

Verify and clarify.

Don’t assume they are good.
Don’t assume they are bad.

When a prospect talks and says things that make you assume he is ready to buy, always know that it is not what they think they say and not what you think they say.

(By the way, this applies in family/friend situations also.)

People might not be clear with their needs.

They don’t want to confront people.
They don’t want to have negative vibes.

They just become sad and build stories in their mind. 

It comes out all wrong.

That’s why we always need to clarify to avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunications.

Did you ever have a situation that you assumed one thing, and it was actually a totally different thing?