At The Mint Capital we help PEOPLE, then homes. 
There is a PERSON behind every file. 

Eliot Spiegel taught me about the CLASP method, a technique to move a prospect to the sale.  

C- current
L – like
A – alter (using CPR – Cut, Pour salt, Remedy)
S – signer
P – paint a picture



What is the borrower’s current situation, are they buying or renting? How much are they paying? etc etc



What does the prospect like about their current home? current vendor? etc



If they were able to change something about their current situation, what would that be?
Listen well. The prospect is sharing all their hopes and dreams of owning a home! 

CPR – ‘C’ut open the wound by digging deeper into their financial woes.
‘P’our salt by aggravating their problem (by saying, “Yes, paying rent instead of a mortgage for 10-20 years is a LOT of money!”).

Then, bring the ‘R’emedy.


“Yes, there is hope! We can help you fund your dream home!”



Is there a spouse or business partner involved in the decision? 
Know this information upfront!



“We’ll help you finance your new kitchen!”


“We’ll get the funding to extend an extra room!”


“We’ll get the best rate for your new home!”

Helping people, then homes!
By presenting a solution to their problem!