In order to succeed, you need to commit yourself 100% to your task.

If you’re only committed at 99%, then there will be room for 1% doubt.

One percent of excuses, laziness and doubt can get in the way of success!

When one is #committed at that level, it forces them to go deeper. To become more #creative in figuring out the next step up.

If you are not yet at the level of 90 minutes of cold calls per day, take a step back. 

Think. Who am I calling? What will I say?

Break down the process. Divide it into smaller projects. 

Start slowly. First 30 minutes per day, and then 60 minutes, until you reach 90 minutes of calls per day.

As long as you stay committed. By hook or by crook you are making those calls!

You will get there! You will master it!

This is a long term plan. There is no giving up!

In the big picture (of being in the business for 5, 10 or 20 years), what is 90 days of mastering the process? 

Keep committed and you will rock this!

Success is 100% commitment.

Don’t leave room for doubt, or the game is over!

You, my friend, are a winner on your way to winning. 

Go get ‘em!