Confidence #2

I know I am blessed.

Someone recently asked me if my self-confidence is intrinsic or extrinsic.

So, let me explain it here.

Self confidence takes a lot of inner work. A lot of inner healing. And – for me – a lot of meditation.

Meditation is a tool for mindfulness. 

Meditation comes together with the entire philosophy (shoutout to my friend Michael who started me on the meditation path.)

The philosophy is basically that we have the right to exist.
We have the right to be.
I am who I am.

That’s the trick to self-confidence.

When you understand who and what you are.

When you understand that you are a literal part of existence that is no different than the tree, the truck, or the next person.

You are a part of it all. Just be who you are!

So, that’s the answer.

It takes inner work.

Self-confidence can only be intrinsic.

Because, if it were external, then we would be at the mercy of circumstances.

Who wants to be at the mercy of others?!

Why should your confidence be reliant on others acknowledgment?

The more self-compassion, self-love, self-esteem, self-worth you have, the less validation you will need from others.

This is not the place to be humble.

We need to have confidence, sometimes even at a level of arrogance.