Dealing with chaos

I don’t always have it so easy.

Sometimes I don’t feel like myself.

It’s not like the *Great Lou Landau* energy



It can happen here and there that I get emotionally overwhelmed.

Know this, my fellow friend, it’s totally NORMAL to feel down for a short time. 
(We’re not talking about full-blown depression, but feeling low for a short period of time.)

We all have our moments where we wish we can just throw in the towel and check-out for a few days.

It can happen in cycles. (I call these moods ‘the men’s menstrual cycle’.)

Remember, this too shall pass.


As we mature and strengthen ourselves, these moments become less frequent. Less deep. Less strong.

Know that it’s common.

Know that these challenges are normal and part of life.

We live in a world of so many options and opportunities. We’re not stuck to staying in one place forever.

We can help ourselves.

What’s stopping you from moving to a different area that’s better for you and your family?

The world is open.

You are not stuck.

Even in the worst-looking times, when the darkness feels real and true, remember that “this too shall pass”!

Just like last week was normal, and next week will be normal.

It’s NORMAL to be the way you are now, too.