Depression sometimes is pure ego!

Depression sometimes is pure ego!

(Not talking about Real Clinically Depressed, for those I pray and have full compassion).

My daughter shared with me that she heard a podcast from famous Jewish comedian Mendy Pellin.

He shared that when he was 19, he was so depressed, he could not get out of bed.

Because he was so down on himself on the fact that “I was 19 already, what did I accomplish in this world? What’s gonna be with me?” Etc.

So, he was depressed about it.

As if, he was so big with the right to be depressed.

Of course, it’s a joke.

Who are we anyway? Small little human beings!

And I’m thinking to myself, how much ego is in the depression of ”what did “I” already accomplished in this world”.

I, I, I.

With the ever infatuation with Self Seeking.

And therefore, I always say – be driven by passion not by anxiety.

Be driven by passion to be yourself!

To just live and be yourself!

Be the best self that you can be!

And then you have a chance to accomplish something.

If you’re the best that you can be, you can have the best expression of yourself that you are meant to have.

But being driven by anxiety you’re totally not yourself.

There’s a lot smaller chance that you will accomplish something great.

Or something worthwhile for others.