Different kingdoms

You are the king of your kingdom!

I recently mentioned this great quote: “In Fall, the trees are showing their true colors that they were hiding all year”.

We all have certain “colors” we are hiding.

So why do we say true colors? Isn’t green the “true” color of the trees?


Because it’s different shades of green. Different colors from their usual self.

We, as humans, are made up of different parts.

I like to call it different “kingdoms” that are within the person.

Different kingdoms rule at different times.

There even might be a war between the two kingdoms.

The many kingdoms within us are our different emotions.

Different personalities.
Different types.

This is NOT a multiple personality disorder.

It’s just that we are made of multiple parts.

Your personality parts are all part of YOU. And you need to love all of them the same.

To God, black and white are all the same.

Your good personality. And your difficult personality. 

It’s two parts of the same coin.

Fighting for peace between the kingdoms.

Which personality will ultimately win?