Different ways of doing sales

It’s an oxymoron.

I always tell our salespeople that:

Let go and life will flow!

Everything is bashert (predestined)!

Find the work you love, don’t do what you hate!

Yet, on the other hand I also say we need to:
Push harder
Try harder
Fight harder.

The answer is that there are 1000 ways to skin a cat.
There are many ways to do sales. Every salesperson needs to find the right way that works for THEM.

Not every method works for everyone.

Some find it hard to pick up the phone.
Some easily walk up to strangers and talk to them.
Some enjoy doing business with family.
Some call everyone except for friends and family.

The truth remains that we always have to try harder. Push harder. And stretch ourselves a little.

Stretch don’t Snap. Stretch your comfort zone. Don’t break it.

Keep on stretching your comfort zone. One percent and another percent until you get better and more fluent.

It’s all about the growth-mindset.

If your friend has the winning lottery ticket, you would call them in the middle of the night to notify them that they won!

You have a winning product.
You believe in your product.

Go ahead. Find the right sales method that works for you and Just Do It!

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