Disrupt their expectation

“How do you read minds?”

Someone asked this question from Derren Brown, a famous mentalist that is known to read brains really well.

His answer?

“I don’t read the mind. I feed the mind!”

How powerful!

As we know, the human mind is lazy. It will most likely choose the choice that has the least resistance and is not too heavy on the brain.

For example, if we show a person the color ‘red’ and ask them to name a fruit, they will most likely choose an apple.

That’s the way we need to talk to prospects. When we flash in a certain direction, we give them a clear reference point they should think about.

This increases the chance of their brain-picking the choice you chose out for them.

Don’t be a mind reader. Be a mind feeder.

Thank you, @Jeb Blount, for the constant inspiration.