Dividing your day into thirds

Excessive fear of Vulnerability!

Most of us do not naturally default to prospecting.

We will come up with genius ideas and distractions of other tasks, instead of prospecting.

Because there is risk to it.

There is vulnerability to it.

We could get rejected.
We think it tests our likability. 
We want to protect our ego.

The #ego wants to feel capable, unique, and special.

We are not defaulting to prospecting because we could get rejected at the core level. 

We automatically devote our green time to the least risky leads. The hot leads.

Because that is the least vulnerable!

We feel that since they are already showing interest, it’s showing my ego that they want what I have. 

It allows us to hook into that desire that we want to prove our worthiness to the world. 

So we naturally gravitate towards the easy tasks that are less risky.

We need to divide our sales time, equally between colder leads and warmer leads.

Learn not to be so afraid of vulnerability.

Have a smashing wonderful weekend, my friends!